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Below is a video selection of race-day videos plus assorted promo videos & celebrity video messages. 

2020 Race promo teaser: 

2019  Race-Day:  10th London Pantomime Horse Race -STAR WARS edition

 Official  2019 Race Trailer – ‘The Rise of Skytrotters’ promo


2019:  10th London Pantomime Horse Race ‘Teaser’ Trailer 

STAR WARS – A London Pantomime Horse Race Story: Part 1  


2018 Race-Day:   

& now for something silly.. – 2018 Race promo ad 

2018: ‘Anti-Panto Horse Race protest

‘I’m a secret Panto Horse Racer’ (Secret Lemonade Drinker 3028 parody ad) 

London Pantomime Horse Race 2018 ‘Father Ted parody ad’ 

Strictly ‘Neigh’ Dancing 2018 ad 

The 2018 London Pantomime horse Race official ‘Teaser’

‘Join the (Neigh) Team’  – 2018 Race promo

So here it is.. RACE-DAY 2017 official Video

London Live : 2017 Pre-Race ceremony’ Live

A message from ‘Steps’ 

Dave Hill / Mark Biddiss Interview ( London Live)

Link only

A message from Dave Hill (Slade)

Reuters                                                                                                                                                                                            Click link:

i24 NEWS  (NEW YORK)                                                                                                                                                           Click Link:

AOL NEWS                                                                                                                                                                                        Click Link:

WIO NEWS ( ASIA)                                                                                                                                                                          Click Link:

Rock/Pop Icons. (PROMO)

A Lovely Day (PROMO)

Tony Blackburn presents… (PROMO)


Become a ‘Rock/Pop Icon’ -PROMO

 Rock/Pop Icon’s  1st Official ‘Teaser’ PROMO


The Wall – USA Vs Mexico  (PROMO) :  Parody promo of footage taken from the 2016 ‘United Neightions’ pre-race show ‘Strictly Neigh Dancing’. Featuring spectacular dance-off between  USA’s ‘Donald Trump Sugar Lump & Mexico’s ‘El Dobbino’.

The 2016 official ‘RACE DAY’ Video:


2016 :   Video Promos &  assorted worldwide TV News coverage


2015 : Assorted Video promos & TV Media coverage


2014 :  Video Promos and assorted TV Media coverage. 


 2013 : Video Promos / assorted TV media coverage 


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