2020 race – The United Neightions (Part 2)



This year, the 11th annual London Pantomime Horse Race is bringing the world to Greenwich, London, with it’s globally themed United Neightions’ edition of the world-famous madcap panto horse street race. 

Featuring potentially 40-50 teams, each, dressed in the style of their chosen ‘Neightion’, as they take on a makeshift street race route, filled with, pit-stops, steeple-jumps, Space-Hoppers & surprise obstacle or two along the quarter-mile route. 

The 11th Annual London Pantomime Horse Race takes place on Sunday 13th December 2020. The all-day festivities will not only feature the big race but 2 live shows, celebrity guests & performances plus our famously daft street procession  We are aiming to make this years ‘race-day’ event, the biggest and best one ever.

In 2019, we raised over £16,000 for charity. We hope to double that figure for the 2020 race event. We will announce this year’s charity, along with full details of the 11th annual race-day event, in the coming months. 

 RACERS: We strongly advise registering as early as possible due to availability.  
Please email [email protected] for details. 


"A fantastically silly must-see event"