Breaking Hooves – The NHS Choir set to perform at the London Pantomime Horse Race

We are very pleased  to announce that the ‘NHS Choir’ will be performing at the ‘Pre-Race Ceremony’ on Sunday 13th December as part of the ‘real-life Superheroes’ procession that will be taking place from the Old Royal Naval College to Devonport House.

The NHS Choir will also be performing their potential 2015 Xmas No1 single ‘A Bridge over you’. Please show your support and join their xmas chart campaign page.

“May the Horse be with you all”

WANTED : Real-life ‘Super-Heroes’ for the pre-race Street Procession – Greenwich


We are seeking (off duty) Doctors, Nurses, Firemen, Ambulance Drivers, Medics, Policemen/women, Servicemen/women, carers and representatives of various charitable organisations to take part in a special procession to give  our thanks and appreciation  to ‘The real Superheroes’ out there.

if you are one of the above or have either friends /family who are and may wish to ask them if they wish to take part, then please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

The procession will start from the Old Royal Naval College’ to Devonport House. and will form part of the Super-Hero themed ‘London Pantomime Horse Race’ event on Sunday 13th December.


Please email [email protected] asap for full details.

How To Win A Pantomime Horse Race

Carly Dexter-Fry – assistant manager at the Greenwich Pelton Arms and front-end of the 2011 winning entry – offers her five tips to the Daily Telegraph for those hoping to take home the top prize:

1. “You have to trust your partner. The person at the back can’t see where they’re going at all, so they have to know you’ll lead them in the right direction. I was at the back for a while but I couldn’t deal with it.

2. “You do get seriously sweaty. Take all your layers off. Even though it’s only mid-December you should only be wearing a t-shirt.

3. “You’ll probably be drinking all the way round, so it’s good to work in a pub. You’ll have a good alcohol tolerance.

4. “There’s no need to do any training. I play football anyway though, which probably helped.

5. “On the morning of the race I just ate a banana, but you should probably have porridge – or a sugar lump or something.”

"A fantastically silly must-see event"