Help Rosie Walk – Fundraising campaign

Organisers from the London Pantomime Horse Race have launched a special fundraising challenge and are appealing for racers to sign up early and help raise money for a very special cause.

‘Help Rosie Walk’,  in association with ‘Rosie’s legs’ – are fundraising for 5-year-old girl from Greenwich called Rosie  who has Spastic Dystonic Diplegia, (a form of Cerebral Palsy) and needs a life-changing operation in the U.S, to give her the chance to walk for the very first time in her young life. 

 Rose was born at 31 weeks gestation, she suffocated during birth, causing a lack of oxygen supply to the brain and eventually leading to brain damage. 
A life-changing surgery known as SDR will give little Rosie’s limbs flexibility, a better chance of one day walking independently, to live pain-free and carry out day to day simple tasks.

Rosie wishes she could walk, sit, stand, do her shoelaces up, walk up and down stairs and everything else that involves physical movement as it’s all challenging for her. Rosie’s life consists of daily physiotherapy to help with the functionality of her limbs; to help loosen the tight muscles her condition brings on.                           

While there is no cure for Cerebral Palsy, there are treatments that can radically improve their quality of life.

 The ‘Help Rosie Walk’ fundraising campaign will help raise money for ‘Rosie’s Legs’ – a charity organisation raising money to fund a particular surgery and rehabilitation process known as SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy). Through the ups and downs, ongoing therapy, surgeries, triumphs and struggles, nothing dulls Rosie’s sparkle. With each day, Rosie bravely defeats the odds, working towards the day she may one day walk independently.

Unfortunately, Rosie doesn’t meet the NICE funding criteria to have this life-changing surgery under the NHS, namely due to the arbitrary criteria,  that have no bearing on the success of the surgery. It is a costly procedure, meaning we have to come up with £100,000 to cover the surgery and equipment needed for the years of intensive rehabilitation Rosie will need.

Rosie is an incredibly curious and active 5yr old, she wishes to run, jump, climb, sit straight without losing her balance, play football and dance. Rosie has a fighting spirit, determined and willing, she is bubbly, creative, thoughtful, smart and very popular amongst her peers.

The organisers of the London Pantomime Horse Race have been touched by Rosie’s plight and have pledged to do all they can to help and are appealing for racers, Businesses & the general public alike, to come together and get behind this very special fundraising campaign.              Together, we all can really make a big difference to a young life.

I hope you will join us and help Rosie…Walk! 

RACERS:  To register a panto horse team and help fundraise for Rosie, please email [email protected] 

BACK-A-NAG: To back a  Team panto-Horse, raising money for Rosie, please visit  & follow the step by step instructions. 

Alternatively, you can make a direct donation at JustGiving:    

Please help spread the word and share this page (or the above JustGiving donation link ) to everyone you know. The more people we can make aware, the bigger the chance we have in helping raise the £100,000 needed  for Rosie’s operation.                                                                                 Mark Biddiss : Organiser -the London Pantomime Horse Race

For regular updates and to learn more about young Rosie, visit ‘ Rosie’s Legs – the journey to independence’  facebook page: 



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