BREAKING HOOVES : 2nd Official Teaser Trailer + 2019 Race Title revealed


Hot on the heels of the new Star Wars movie trailer, here is our 2nd (hastily put-together) 2nd teaser trailer for the big 2019 Star Wars themed (10th) London Pantomime Horse Race. 
Our official ‘main’ trailer will be released on Saturday 4th May. We shall also be revealing some major news that day that we are sure is going to excite fans of Star Wars and the Pantomime Horse Race.

The 10th London Pantomime Horse Race takes place on Sunday 15th December in Greenwich, London, in aid of Make a Wish Foundation UK plus additional team fundraising for Youcan-Youth Cancer Support, Cancer Research & The Running Charity

Places are now limited. Visit or email [email protected]

May the Horse be with you

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