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GO ON , GO ON, GO ON, GO ON, GO ON… ‘Father Ted’ team entries Wanted

WANTED: Panto Horse team entries needed to take part in a ‘Father Ted,’ special, that we have planned on the day of the 2018 ‘Film & TV’ character themed  London Pantomime Horse Race on Sunday 16th December in  Greenwich, London.

Team (character) panto-Horse entries required include;                                                                                                  1. Father Ted                                                                                                                                                                                           2. Father Dougal                                                                                                                                                                                     3. Bishop Brennan  (reserved)                                                                                                                                                         4. Mrs. Doyle                                                                                                                                                                                           5. Father Jack (reserved)

Not only will your team be racing with other racing nags, who will be styled as iconic TV & Film characters,  but  ‘Father Ted’ character based entries will  be specially invited to take part in our ‘Father Ted’ themed edition of our traditionally mad (pre-race) ‘ panto-horse dance-off’ show ‘Strictly Neigh Dancing’,

Each panto horse team will be tasked to perform a dance routine to songs/music that featured in the classic TV series. Casting a beady eye on each performance will be a star-studded celebrity panel of Judges. This is not be missed!!

For further details or to register your team, please email [email protected] 1st come, 1st served only.


 This December, the ‘film & tv’ Character themed 2018 ‘London Pantomime Horse Race’, will be paying special homage to the classic TV comedy series ‘Father Ted’, at the pre-race ceremony show at Devonport House, Royal Greenwich on Sunday 16th December.

Expect to see Mrs Doyle dishing out the Tea & Sandwiches to the crowds, whilst we may also get to see Father’s Ted & Dougal (a-likes) performing ‘My lovely Horse’  live on stage & that’s not all….

Strictly Neigh Dancing 

Our traditional madcap Panto-Horse Dance off show, ‘Strictly Neigh Dancing’  will also feature Panto Horse versions of classic Father Ted Characters. Expect to see Father Jack, Mrs. Doyle plus a unique dance-off between Father Ted & Bishop Brennan.

The celebrity Judging panel for ‘Strictly Neigh Dancing’ this year will also feature the appearance of a very special surprise guest, who will give their expert opinion on the  Father Ted panto horse characters. This is one show not to be missed!!

Want to take part?   

We only have 4 remaining ‘Father Ted’  character Panto-Horses available.  See film & tv character list here:   

Racers wishing to take part in the 2018 ‘London Pantomime Horse Race’.  as  Father Ted characters should email [email protected] for further details.

NEWS: 1st look at the official 2018 London Pantomime Horse Race promotional Poster

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Here is the 1st look at our official 2018 ‘London Pantomime Horse Race’ promotional poster.  Teams that have signed up so far this year have had their chosen Film or TV’ Character (which their Horse will be dressed up as ) featured in the image, along with a couple of other blatantly hinted characters, that will be having a role this year. Let’s just say, fans of ‘Father Ted’ are in for a treat this year 😀

If you wish to take part & get to include your team’s panto horse ‘Film & TV’ caricature to the final version, then please get in touch ASAP. Visit for race entry details or email [email protected] ASAP

Bring on the Sloths…..

IMG_5261 (1)

The 2018 London Pantomime Horse Race will this year introduce a separate race, that will equally be as daft as the annual Panto Horse Race but a lot, lot slower.

Teams of Sloths, with a Tortoise as their race-pacemaker, will be ‘racing’ in the streets of Greenwich. from Devonport House to Royal Hill.  It’s a race & a crawl, so if you like your races just that bit slower, you are in for a super treat,

Sign up.  Places are VERY Limited. 4 teams only (2 sloths per team). For further details, email [email protected] to reserve your team place.