BREAKING HOOVES : 2nd Official Teaser Trailer + 2019 Race Title revealed


Hot on the heels of the new Star Wars movie trailer, here is our 2nd (hastily put-together) 2nd teaser trailer for the big 2019 Star Wars themed (10th) London Pantomime Horse Race. 
Our official ‘main’ trailer will be released on Saturday 4th May. We shall also be revealing some major news that day that we are sure is going to excite fans of Star Wars and the Pantomime Horse Race.

The 10th London Pantomime Horse Race takes place on Sunday 15th December in Greenwich, London, in aid of Make a Wish Foundation UK plus additional team fundraising for Youcan-Youth Cancer Support, Cancer Research & The Running Charity

Places are now limited. Visit or email [email protected]

May the Horse be with you


The Horse is with you young Pantowans! 
Racers: Register your Team ‘Star Wars’ Character Horse for the10th London Pantomime Horse Race -Star Wars edition. FREE PANTO HORSE COSTUME Hire will be awarded to the next 4 entries who reserve their place before Sunday 7th April.
Visit to choose a Star Wars character for your Team ‘Horse’. 
Register directly via [email protected]

RACE-DAY 2019:
We have some amazing things being planned for the Star Wars themed 10th Anniversary London Pantomime Horse Race this year, which we hope to announce on Saturday, May 4th. Without a doubt, this year’s big race day will be our biggest and most ambitious event ever staged. Star Wars fans take note!

Thank you for all your support!
May the Horse be with you.


 We are delighted to announce the 10th London Pantomime Horse Race- StarWars special edition will be in aid of Make-A-Wish® UK.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation UK , has granted more than 12,000 life-changing wishes to children with critical illnesses. For more details, please visit . Visit Make-A-Wish® UK at

Racers: Reserve your place in the Galaxy’s silliest Race: Visit for details. To register, please email [email protected] 


RACERS: FREE panto-horse costume hire  (normally £50-£90 hire) + 2 FREE ‘After-Race-Show’ Tickets, will be awarded to the next 5 racers that register their team entry before 1pm (GMT) on Sunday 10th March.  For more details or to register your team, please email [email protected]  . 


This is strictly on a 1st come-1st served basis only. Closing date/time of offer may cease early if 5 teams are confirmed before the deadline.  



We will shortly be announcing full details on our 2019 ‘BACK-A-(star wars)-NAG’  online Team charity fundraising campaign. We will also announce our chosen 2019 charity for the 10th Anniversary London Pantomime Horse Race. Plus… for the 1st time in the race’s 10 year history, we will also additionally help fundraise for 4 other charitable causes. Full details will be announced on Thursday 14th March. 

What is ‘Back-A-Nag’? 

 Our fun pre-race ‘Top of the Trots’ challenge involves each panto horse team entry.  All participating teams  will be listed on our ‘Top of the Trots’ pre-race fundraising page.   Teams must raise as much money for their team in order to keep their chart position as high as possible. 

All confirmed entries have a ‘Racecard’  that will feature their ‘Star Wars panto-horse Team name, along with their Race Number & the names of the racers themselves.  The Racecard will be displayed alongside their current chart position. This is to help their supporters identify the team ‘Nag’ that they would like to ‘Back’ /donate online towards.  The top 5 teams with the most donations received (before the day of the London Pantomime Horse Race), will get to line up at the front, in their respected race grid positions. 

The top 3 most donated teams will be awarded amazing prizes for their fundraising achievements. The team with the most donations received will be crowned the official 2019 ‘TOP OF THE TROTS’  winning team. On the day of the race, the winning team will be awarded for their amazing fundraising efforts, with a VERY SPECIAL prize this year.  It’s top secret at the moment but we will announce the winning prize, plus the 2nd & 3rd placed prizes for the most donated teams very soon. 

To register a place, please email [email protected] 

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