Here are  a selection of  recent video promos, plus various TV News coverage from the 2016 race, along with additional race footage from previous London Pantomime-Horse race events.

Further race footage and  TV Coverage from previous Race years , can easily be found via youtube / google generic searches.

1.  Become a ‘Rock/Pop Icon’ – Animated promo

2. Rock/Pop Icon’s  1st Official ‘Teaser’

3.   ‘The Dave Hill Greenwich Glam Rock Experience’  –  Promo advertising  a special ‘one-off’ live glam rock performance  at ‘The after-race Xmas Party’ – Full details to be revealed in due course.

4.  The Wall – USA Vs Mexico   :  Parody promo of footage taken from the 2016 ‘United Neightions’ pre-race show ‘Strictly Neigh Dancing’. Featuring spectacular dance-off between  USA’s ‘Donald Trump Sugar Lump & Mexico’s ‘El Dobbino’ .

5.  The 2016 official ‘RACE DAY’ Video:     Our traditional ‘Race-Day video perfectly captures the spirit, daftness and the sheer fun that took place at the 2016 ‘United Neightions’ themed London Pantomime Horse Race.



2016 :   Video Promos &  assorted worldwide TV News coverage



2015 : Assorted Video promos & TV Media coverage


2014 :  Video Promos and assorted TV Media coverage. 


 2013 : Video Promos / assorted TV media coverage 


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