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If you are looking to reserve your place in the ‘Rock/Pop Icons edition of the London Pantomime Horse Race, you will need to choose your ideal Rock or Pop star, to transform your Panto Horse Nag into.

Below is a selection of aptly punned Rock / Pop stars that you can choose from (subject to availability)  The names marked ‘Entry reserved’ denotes an entrant that has already registered and reserved their chosen ‘Rock/Pop Icon.’

Names below are only a helping guide so feel free to choose your own ‘rock or pop star’ not listed or don’t have a Horse-punned sounding name.  Please note NO Rock or pop band names can be entered. Only individual pop /rock names only!!

 1, ‘Sire Paul McCartneigh’                                                                                                                                                                   

2. Brian ‘Neigh’  

3. Lady ‘Ga-Ga Gallop’ or ‘Lady GG ‘

4. ‘Maredonna’

5. ‘The Gee-Gees’ – (  Based on a  six-person costumed horse entry, featuring-Barry, Robin & Maurice – email     [email protected]  for further details  )

6. ‘Whinney’ Houston

7.  Katy Pony  

 8.   ‘Foal’ Gallagher   

9.  ‘Mr Ed’ Sheeran

10. ‘Filly’ ’Idol’ - Entry reserved

11Amy ‘WineHorse’

12, Cher-‘Gar’   - Entry reserved

13, ‘Bucks’ Fizz – Entry Reserved  

14. Stevie-‘Wonder-Horse’ – Entry Reserved   

15. ‘Neddy’ Mercury –Entry Reserved

16Elvis ‘Presneigh’  –  Entry Reserved  

 18. ‘Sire Equestrian John ‘ (or) ‘Epson John’

19. ‘BeyonceNeigh’ Entry Reserved    

20. Cheryl ‘Foul’    

21. David ‘BowNeigh ‘

22Terence Trent ‘Darby’ 

23. Liam ‘Gallopher’ – Entry Reserved  

24. ‘Nag ‘n’ Bone man - Entry reserved                      

25. Cher’Gar’ Entry reserved

Maximum number of 2-person Horse entries: 40

Strictly on a 1st come, 1st served basis.   Registration to take part will close once a maximum of 40 participating ‘Nags’  has been reached so don’t delay. 

To register, please email [email protected]

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