The 2018  entry reserve list for the 9th annual London Pantomime Horse Race is now open.

We have already received a lot of interest in taking part in the ‘Film / TV themed London Pantomime Horse Race,  With over 19  entries already signed up, we strongly advise to reserve your team entry as early as possible.

This year, Panto-Horse Teams will get to glam up their Nag as an iconic Film  &  TV Characters              ( see’character suggestion list’ further down this page.)

Entry this year will be on a strict  1st come -1st served basis only,  due to increased demand.              To Register your team’, please email [email protected]  for full entry information.

Horse Race 

Maximum: 30-40 (2-person costumed per team) Panto-Horse entries.

Sloth & Cart Race 

Maximum 4 Teams only (3 people per team)                                                                                                                        (Sloth Race details: email [email protected]  )

FILM & TV  Characters    (Panto-Horse  Race only) 

Below is a suggestion list of characters from Film and TV, that your team can choose to race under this year.  Each entrant will be required to get creative and glam up your costumed nag. Prizes will be awarded to the best turned out entry.

Team character suggestion list                                                                                                                                                        ( Feel free to suggest a Film or TV character for your team that is not listed below.)


  1.  Charlie Chaplin
  2.  Wonder Woman (RESERVED)
  3.  Mary Poppins
  4.  Harry Potter
  5.  Superman
  6.  Mad hatter (Alice in Wonderland) (RESERVED)
  7.  Alice ( Alice in Wonderland)
  8.  Austin Powers  (RESERVED)
  9.  Indiana Jones  (RESERVED)
  10.  Gandalf  ( Lord of the Rings)
  11.  Snow White
  12.  Spock ( Star Trek)
  13.  Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)
  14.  Sherlock Holmes
  15.  Nun (Sister Act)   (RESERVED)
  16.  Batman   (RESERVED)
  17.  Robin  (Batman)
  18.  Captain America
  19.  Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians )
  20.  Woody (Toy Story)
  21.  Ace Ventura
  22. Pocahontas
  23. Rocky Balboa
  24. Thor (RESERVED)
  25. Captain Jack Sparrow
  26.  Dorothy ( Wizard of Oz )


  1.  Worzel Gummage
  2.  Maid Marian
  3.  Keith Lemon ( Celebrity Juice)
  4.  Bet Lynch (Coronation Street
  5.  Hilda Ogden  (Coronation Street)
  6.  Father Ted ( Father Ted)
  7.  Mrs. Doyle ( Father Ted) -(RESERVED) 
  8. Father Jack (Father Ted)
  9. Dr. Who (e.g Tom Baker)
  10. Dot Cotton (Eastenders)
  11. Pat Wicks (Eastenders)
  12. Yosemite Sam (Bugs Bunny )
  13. Charlene /Kyle Minogue (Neighbours)
  14. Del-Boy  (Only Fools & Horses) (RESERVED ) 
  15. Beaker (Muppet Show)
  16.  Edmund Blackadder  (Blackadder)
  17. Stan Marsh ( South Park)
  18. Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
  19. B.A. Baracus  (The A-Team ) (RESERVED )
  20. Popeye
  21. Marge Simpson ( The Simpsons)  (RESERVED)
  22. Kenny McCormick (South Park)
  23. Penguin (Batman TV Series)

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