The FILM & TV edition 2018

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The 9th London Pantomime Horse Race 2-18 – The FILM & TV edition

DECEMBER 2018 (Date TBA)

In the world of TV & fILM, everything seems just that little bit bigger and a lot more surreal. This will prove no exception as to what is being planned for the 9th Annual London Pantomime Horse Race.

* FILM & TV Theme: Entrants will be required to dress up their  Panto Horse, in the style of their favourite Movie/TV character.

”  Early Bird RESERVE LIST.  Ensure to reserve your place as early as possible – & secure the name of your chosen ‘FILM&TV’ entry. (Horse pun entry names are not essential in the 2018 race -but extra brownie points will be awarded to the most imaginative Horse-Pun based Team names.   Email [email protected] to reserve.



“Fantastically silly, a must-see event.’’ -Time-Out

“The daftest contest in the racing calendar…one helluva crowd pleaser” – Evening Standard

“Completely silly and utterly for fun” – Horse & Hound

“It’s the annual sporting challenge that sits somewhere between the
Grand National and a three-legged race.” – Daily Mail

“Typical British eccentricity at its best.” – The Telegraph



RACE DAY!                                                                                                                                                                                       Sunday 10th December 2017                                                                                                                                           Greenwich, South-East London


The Pre-Race Ceremony                                                                                                                                                                         Devonport House – King William Walk, Greenwich, SE10 9JW                                                                                      FREE entry                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hosted by Comedian’s  ‘Nick Wilty’ & ‘Lewis Schaffer’

Featuring….                                                                                                                                                                                             Strictly Neigh Dancing – (Madonna special)   with special guest Judging panel (TBA)                                         Live Music performances from,                                                                                                                                                          ‘The London Rock Choir’                                                                                                                                                                           plus a couple of mega-star singing Diva appearances from.                                                                                                    Sire ‘Equestrian John’  & ‘MareDonna’                                                                                                                                   

More guests to be announced                                                                                        


The London Pantomime Horse Race                                                                                                                                                  King William Walk,  Nevada Street, Burney Street, Royal Hill                                                                                            FREE event                                                                                                                                                                                                     Starting Line: Devonport House/King William Walk                                                                                                          Finish Line. The Prince of Greenwich – Royal Hill

The streets of  Central Greenwich are transformed into a course for glammed up comical looking ‘pop/rock star’ lookalike nags. These Iconic looking Panto Horses race from Devonport House, to their 1st of many ‘Pit stops’ along the quarter mile route.  Along the route, the poor unsuspecting Horses will encounter various obstacles that they will need to overcome to gain points per ‘pit-stop’.  The 2017 route has some special and frankly bizarre surprises in store for those hapless Horses.  The 5  ‘Horses’ with the most points laid on some very special, and frankly bizarre obstacles, which to  King William Walk / Devonport House (Central Greenwich ), stopping off at various pubs (pit-stops), before staggering to the finishing line an hour later in Royal Hill ( West ) Greenwich.

These Iconic ( or ironic) looking Panto Horses begin the race from the grounds of  Devonport House, onwards to their 1st (of many) ‘Pit stops’ along the quarter mile route.   Those poor unsuspecting Horses will encounter various unsightly obstacles during the race, that they will need to overcome quickly, in order to gain essential points at each of the 6 ‘pit-stops’ they race towards.

Once all the knackered nags have reached the final pit stop’, their team points will be totted up by our strict and highly stern  Bowler Hatted adjudicator, Helen  ‘Robocop’ Robinson.   The 5  ‘best performing’ ‘Horses,  with the most awarded points per ‘pit-stop’  will then face their final race challenge, that will decide the 2017 winner of ‘The London Pantomime Horse Race’.

The Space-Hopper  Panto Horse finale.                                                                                                                                    The final 5 nags will each be presented with 2 ‘Space Hoppers for the front and back ends of their’ Horse.   Each ‘Horse’ must sit, bounce and race to the finish line, whilst trying to jump over the many ‘steeple jumps’ ( & another little surprise obstacle thrown in for good measure). The 1st nag that reaches the finish line, will be crowned the official 2017 winner. Prizes will also be awarded to 2nd and 3rd place runners up.

All participating nags are then encouraged to get changed, relax and to let their hair down in style, with our very nearly legendary ‘After-Race Xmas Party

The After-Race Xmas Party

2:45pm – late – Ticket only event.

£15 entry fee/Charity Donation.  To reserve your ticket, email [email protected] –                     1st come, 1st serve only.

All money raised go directly to ‘YOUCAN’ Youth Cancer support

Featuring special guest appearance, Festive DJ plus performing live…

The Dave Hill(s) Glam Rock Experience‘ -(Support)

‘ABBA Chique’ (Headline)


ABOUT: The London Pantomime Horse Race


Media  support

London’s wackiest ‘Horse’ Race event, began in 2011, as a small quirky annual community charity event in Central Greenwich.  Since then it’s popularity, has continued to soar. The Free public Xmas event, attracts hundreds of spectators to Central Greenwich each year, along with race entrants, who travel from across the UK and Europe, to take part. It’s increasing popularity, quirkiness,  originality and sheer silliness has also received widespread support from  National and International TV / Media, who regularly cover the event on the day.

In 2016, The London Pantomime Horse Race received widespread international TV/media coverage from the UK,  USA, China, France,  Germany, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Columbia, Pakistan, & Australia, to name a few.

Celebrity support

Celebrities who have kindly given up their time to appear, perform  or have lent their support to the madcap event have included :

Squeeze  ( Glenn Tilbrook /Chris Difford)

Brian Blessed OBE – Actor /TV Personally

Matt Lucas   – Comedian / Actor

Jools Holland  –  Musician

Christopher Holland – Musician

Arthur Smith – Comedian

The Cheeky Girls  – Pop Group

Stephen Frost – Comedian / Actor

John McCririck  – Racing Pundit / TV Personality

Jimmi Harkishin  – (‘Dev’ Alahan – Coronation Street )

Jamie Borthwick – (Jay Brown –Eastenders )

Khali Best (Dexter Hartman – Eastenders )

Harry Hill  – Comedian

Tommy Steele – Singer / Entertainer

Bill Bailey – Comedian

Katie Price – TV Personality

Rachel Wiley – TV Personality

Frank Bruno OBE

Paul Cook – The Sex Pistols

Nazaneen Ghaffar – Sky News

Every year, the organiser aims to make the event even more surreal and magical than the previous year so it’s a must-see for the entertainment value alone.    The 2017 ‘ROCK/POP ICONS’ themed event promises to deliver some major surprises  & utterly daft elements that are currently being worked on. Not to be missed !!

So far, the pantomime races have raised many thousands for various charities.

The race was established by organiser, Producer &  satirist Mark Biddiss

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"A fantastically silly must-see event"